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PickPacker Exclusive Offers

When you become a PickPacker you are helping to put food on plates across Australia. We think you deserve to be recognised for your hard work and that’s why we are working with Brands to offer you exclusive offers. We'll keep adding offers so make sure you keep checking to see what's new. 


Start PickPacking to receive your exclusive offers.

If you are a Brand and would like to thank our PickPackers for their hard work, please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.

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Huge 20% PickPacker discount to use online at Aussie Disposals for camping, outdoor and adventure equipment.

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A $2 Dough Dollar PickPacker Voucher to use at any of the 520 Bakers Delight bakeries across Australia.

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Massive 20% PickPacker discount to use online at for work wear, foot wear, sleep wear or under wear!

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PickPacker Points

You are helping to feed Aussie families, and you deserve to be recognised for your hard work. That’s why we are developing a PickPacker Points Program to acknowledge your contribution, new skills and the important role you are playing to put food on plates across Australia.

Please stay tuned we will be launching PickPacker Points soon.

PickPacker Passport

Your PickPacker Passport is being developed and will be available soon.


PickPacker Stickers

We want to share your PickPacking story so we are working with some really cool technology to create our PickPacker Stickers so everyone will know the people who are helping to put food on their tables.


Event List

Regional and Rural Australia host some awesome festivals and events. You can devour the freshest scallops at the Tassie Scallop Festival, see the magic of the Staircase to the Moon in Broome, and dance your way through the Big Pineapple Music Festival in Queensland. 


You can plan your PickPacking adventure around your festival itinerary and to make it easier to MAP your GAP we have listed some of the events. We regularly update and please let us know about any festivals and events near you!


PickPacker Merchandise

Tell everyone you are a PickPacker with our new range of products!

And $2 from every item purchased will be donated to the Thankful Foundation to directly support the Thankful4Farmers initiative to create sustainable transformational impact.

So with every product purchased, not only will you literally be showing your support, you will also be demonstrating to our farming and rural communities how much they are valued.