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The new GAP Year

Go And Pick for a week,

a month or the whole 365

Looking for an adventure?

But wondering where to find it?


Perhaps you’d planned to run with the bulls in Spain, li-lo in Laos or sample the local wares at Oktoberfest?

Thanks a lot, COVID.


What if instead, you turned your bucket list upside down? And tapped into amazing experiences across Australia, like the Midwinter Fest in Tasmania or Oktoberfest in Queanbeyan, at the same time as providing a helping hand to famers and rural and regional communities.

You can !

As part of your New GAP Year, your Go And Pick Year.

Do good.

Become a PickPacker.


Each year Australian farmers rely on overseas seasonal workers and backpackers to help harvest the fruit and vegetables that land on our plates. But COVID has closed our borders and Australia's fruit and vegetable farmers need seasonal workers to harvest their crops.


Without this workforce crops will be wasted, there'll be less on our shelves, prices may rise and next year’s harvest may be compromised.

But you can help

"It's hard work but it's really good. They're great people to work with."

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When heroic Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton advertised for a merry band of adventurers, he didn’t sugar-coat it. Cold, dark, dangerous – he wasn’t even sure they’d make it back.


But he did provide one carrot: honour and recognition in case of success.


And couldn’t we all do with a little of that right now?

So, yes it will be hard work at times, you’ll be challenged. Real adventures do that. But we’re pretty sure you won’t get frostbite.


And you’ll meet other like-minded adventurers, earn a bit of cash and be doing your bit.


Plus there are other benefits you might be eligible for:


Types of work

When you PickPack in Australia there are a variety of jobs like fruit or vegetable picking, packing, pruning, planting and many more. 


You'll learn new skills and experiences and be welcomed by the local community.  The type of work available will vary from region to region and season.   


There are opportunities across Australia and jobs can range from just a few weeks to six months or more.

So what are you waiting for?

Start planning your PickPacking adventure!

Farmers & Producers - how to connect to Pickpackers

We’re supporting the New GAP year calling for PickPackers to GoAndPick to help you harvest your bumper crop and stop it going to waste.

We’ve built a marketplace for jobs to be listed and for PickPackers to apply directly for jobs to help you bring the harvest in. 


To make it even easier we’ve suggested 3 different ways to get involved, to suit your business and the way you want to manage your labour workforce;


  1. End to end hiring process done for you through an accredited Labour Hire company

  2. Leave the hiring to someone else through the assistance of a government approved Labour Provider

  3. Do it Yourself – go to the marketplace, list the jobs and manage all applications

About Thankful4Farmers

Thankful4Farmers is unifying brands and industries to amplify support and multiply the impact, bringing industries together to make the BIGGEST difference to address this national challenge to encourage Aussies to PickPack in regional and rural Australia.


We are thankful for the supporters for this important initiative

If you are a Brand and would like to get involved, please get in touch
- we'd love to hear from you.


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